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28/04/2020 5:18 pm  

Afternoon all,

I'm Hockers (PSN: NappySackAttack).

Complete newbie to sims, but loving it so far. Moving up the ranks currently B & S. Play with a controller so looking forward to when the stocks are back up and I can look at getting a rig. 

Don't get me wrong the races are fun, but I've enjoyed the most is shaving off a 1/10 on every lap. No idea about tuning or cars tbh, always watched motorsport but never knew much about it. Love a good karting day too!

Hope everyone's well and safe.

Look forward to racing with you all.

P.s. is there a WhatsApp group? So much easier than blogging ?

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28/04/2020 6:21 pm  

Welcome pal! 

I’ll add you know, look forward to racing with you ??

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29/04/2020 5:53 pm  

Welcome along Hockers, see you in the races hopfully.

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30/05/2020 6:42 pm  

Welcome mate ?