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Dans Rig (Pigstig001)  


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11/05/2020 9:24 am  

This is my new rig. I know some of you have seen it already but I thought I'd share on here.

  •  I had been using a home made stand(£10ers worth of mdf, few bolts and a 6pack of Stella from years ago) along with a wooden dining chair! Having joined this group and after my first couple of 60min races my back was on fire so I needed to invest in something more suitable, so I had a f#*k it moment and went for a Playseat evolution.... 

Had it just over a week now and I bloody love it?

It was easy to build but took effing ages to adjust it all into the right position and get the cables chased in best I could. I'd deffo recommend but make sure you have got some space for it because it doesn't really fold down at all lol